TUNING SPECULATION, 1-2 November 2013

Tuning Speculation: Experimental Aesthetics and the Sonic Imaginary
9-6, 1-2 November 2013, Toronto, Canada / Arraymusic studio 155 Walnut Avenue 
 Abstracts and Bios HERE 
FRIDAY (1 November 2013)
Mitchell Akiyama (McGill) & Bethany Ides (Bard)
   - What Do Sounds Want? Speculations on Acoustic Autonomy
Craig Smith (U. Florida)
    - Country Rats and Cage Matches; the Fabular Objects of Serres’ Sonic Parasite
Marcus Boon (York U.)
   - The Drone of the Real: On the Sound-works of Catherine Christer Hennix
eldritch Priest (U. Montréal/York U.)
   - A Plague on Both Your Ears
Amy Ireland (U. New South Wales)
   - Noise: An Ontology of the Avant-Garde
G. Douglas Barrett
   - The ‘Debt of Philosophy-Cassie Thornton’s ‘Debt 2 Space Program and the New Materialism
Will Schrimshaw
   - Infraesthetics
Gerhard Schultz (UdK Berlin)
   - Trail of Soft Matter
Alexander Wilson (UQAM)
   - Contingent Conspiracies: Art, Philosophy, Science
SATURDAY (2 November 2013)
Jonathan Scott Lee (Colarado College)
   - An Experimental Analytic of the Beautiful Real
Amanda Boetzkes (U. Guelph)
   - Affordance and the Speculative Perceptual System
Dock Currie (York U.)
   - Geomancy: Rumble, Repetition, Decay           
David Cecchetto (York U.)
   - Four aural-neiric speculations with a very fat head
Geraldine Finn (Carleoton U.)
   - To Speculate – On Speculation            
 Michael Vertolli (Carleton U.), Lendl Barcelos (G-smiths)
   - Sonifying abstraction: A synthanalysis
Marc Couroux (York U.)
   - Xenochronic Dispatches From the Domain of the Phonoegregore
Matthew Toth (U. Western Ontario)
   - Sound, Speculation, Spectra: Aesthetic Speculation in Gérard Grisey’s Partiels
Christof Migone (U. Toronto),  Alexandre St-Onge(UQAM)
   - Turn, turn, turn: undo’s dizzy tactics in des tournages     



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