Control / Modulation

Texts on the Control Society and associated Modulation…

Theodor Adorno – On The Fetish-Character of Music and the Regression in Listening

Phil AgreĀ  – Surveillance and Capture: Two Models of Privacy

Sam Anderson – In Defense of Distraction

Franco Berardi – Precarious Rhapsody: Semiocapitalism and the Pathologies of the Post-Alpha Generation

William Bogard – Distraction and Digital Culture

Luc Boltanski & Eve Chiappello – The New Spirit of Capitalism

Eric Cazdyn & Imre Szeman – After Globalization (see chapter on Richard Florida and the “Creative Class”)

Gilles Deleuze – Postscript on the Societies of Control

Michel Foucault – The Birth of Biopolitics – lectures 1978-9

Alexander Galloway / Eugene Thacker – The Exploit

Alexander Galloway – Protocol

Steve Goodman – Sonic Warfare

Nick Groom – The Condition of Muzak

N. Katherine Hayles – How We Became Posthuman. Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature and Informatics

Brian Holmes – The Flexible Personality

Brian Holmes – Filming the World Laboratory – Cybernetic History

Brian Holmes – Future Map

Anahid Kassabian – Ubiquitous Listening and Networked Subjectivity

Brandon Labelle – Shopping Mall (from Acoustic Territories)

Maurizio Lazzarato – Semiotic Pluralism

Maurizio Lazzarato – The Machine

Niklas Luhmann – The Reality of the Mass Media

Catherine Malabou – What Should We Do With Our Brain?

Christian Marazzi – Capital and Language

Brian Massumi – The Autonomy of Affect

Brian Massumi – Fear (The Spectrum Said)

Brian Massumi – Navigating Movements

Susette Min – Soothe Operator: Muzak and Modern Sound Art

Genesis P-Orridge – Behavioural Cut-Ups and Magick

Ronald Radano – Interpreting Muzak

Gerald Raunig – In Modulation Mode

Richard Sennett – The Culture of the New Capitalism

Jonathan Sterne – Urban Media and the Politics of Sound Space

Robert Sumrell – Blue Monday: Stimulus Progression

Tiqqun – This is Not a Program

Tiqqun – The Cybernetic Hypothesis

Ultra-Red – The Background is a Front

Ultra-Red – Sounding the Naked City

Heinz von Foerster – Understanding Understanding: Essays on Cybernetics and Cognition

Norbert Weiner – The Human Use of Human Beings



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