Occupy Relocation

January 2012

Location: VARI HALL, York University (Keele campus)

The disciplining of listening / silencing vs. the play of intervention / participation. Transplanting contexts with an uncertain focus into the realm of academia, which promotes a stability of values.

ULTRA RED: “When we talk about the value form of participation, we’re talking about the university discourse; where the truth unsaid is the master signifier masquerading behind the agency of knowledge (the master’s desire to know).”


  • Attend an OCCUPY TORONTO event
  • Document one hour of the proceedings, without editing (though you can participate in the discussions)
  • This will be the basic material for the Vari Hall intervention
  • Prepare 4 15-minute TIMELINES which indicate: volume levels (should be fluctuating from very soft to very loud), sounding and silent sections (make sure to include gaps, i.e. zero volume). These timelines will act as filters, to differentially diffuse the material into the space.
  • The materials should be played from an MP3 player or CD player connected to a boombox (aka ghetto-blaster).
  • Scatter around the space (2nd and 3rd floor balconies ideal for sound diffusion) making sure to remain in each other’s line of sight.
  • Begin your timelines together, after an agreed upon cue.
  • End action at an agreed-upon time.
  • Observe / Listen for palpable changes in the surrounding environment. What effects are engendered by the relocation of sound materials into a space foreign to them?


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