Lendl Barcelos
He pretends to be a concept engineer, an amateur of hand-made textiles, a sound artist and a détourned situationist. His print work has appeared in The Passive Collective, Her Royal Majesty, Offerings and CMC’s Notations.

Ana Cristina Cornejo

Marc Couroux
Toronto-based intermedia artist and educator whose work lives in and around various perceptual aporias, where paradoxical dislocations of matter flip focus to the unchartered territory between attention and distraction, sense and nonsense, a zone in which objects become processes, surfaces yield to sediment, where radical duration extends conventions beyond intended function. Member of The Occulture, a Toronto collective investigating the esoteric imbrications of sound, affect and hyperstition.

Marcelino DaCosta (aka “Frost”)
A dynamically progressive, signature street dance artist with conviction as well as a Canadian competitive champion. Frost’s sound art work is based on incursions for renegotiating perspectives of time & space.

Matthew Fava

Miles Forrester
Toronto poet, performance artist, & aspiring pataphysicist. His love of the absurd and hard consonant sounds rewards those who pay attention and follow commands.

Katrina Burch Joosten
Toronto-based artist, archaeologist, map-maker and concept-engineer. Exploring the interconnections of critical theory, the occult and archaeological excavation, her projects have led her from the Peruvian deserts to the jungles of Northern Thailand.

Jennifer MacDonald
Time-based artist, book-maker and active listener. Exploring intersecting identities, visibility, queerness and mysticism.

Didier Morelli (Vancouver)
The focus of my artistic practice lies in will-less acts of self-affirmation around space (public and private), duration, repetition, endurance, identity and ‘otherness’. I am interested in revisiting urban spaces, in reconfiguring our conception and use of space in the everyday through scored and task-oriented gestures. The body becomes the site for my exploration, while repetition, endurance and friction test the physical and emotional boundaries of my corporeal matter.

Brock Wreford

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